Why Isn’t This Working?

Have you ever started a diet and it worked, but three months later you’re gaining all of your weight back? I think this is a common cycle for most people right. Most of the time we’re losing weight because we have an event coming up and you want to look good, or you feel you’re getting too big, so you decide to lose weight. Whatever the reason maybe you go on these diets, get results, go to the party or meet your goal weight and then lose all drive to keep it going. Next thing you know you’re 10lbs heavier than when you started and you’re asking yourself why isn’t this working!! You lost the weight why can’t you keep it off, why can’t you maintain your weight and still enjoy good food. I have the answer to that, diets don’t teach you how to maintain they teach you how to eliminate and cut down to reach your goal in the fastest way possible.


Why isn’t this working you ask? That’s because most diets aren’t meant for long term. Diets are a short-term thing. You get on a plan, exercise, lose weight, but when it’s time to go back to normal and you’re lost “af”. Going back into the real world after a diet is hard, hell being in the real world on a diet is hard, and now you have nothing holding you back. You’ve already went to the party; the weight is off so why not have a little fun and indulge in things you couldn’t have. AND THAT’S WHY IT’S NOT WORKING!!!! 

I am all for having those treats and good southern meals periodically but if you’re coming off a diet that restricted those things, the moment you get a small taste your body is going to crave more. Food is a drug you crave it; your body tells you when you need it; but the difference between drugs and food is one’s essential to life and the other is not. When writing this I was going to say drugs are a choice but, in all honesty, so is food we pick and choose what we want to eat and how much. Diets are a tool they will get you there, but they won’t keep you there unless you want to dedicate your life to eating boring ass meals for the rest of your life and never experiencing the joy food has to offer. You can’t maintain because you don’t know how.


So how do you maintain the weight after losing it? Well, my first suggestion is to not go on a diet, cutting back and cutting out are two different things. When you slowly adjust your eating habits and cut back on things, you give the body time to adjust and because you’re not eliminating anything the body won’t crave what it’s missing. This process is slower and it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle that will last forever. Now if you’re eating junk food and ordering out all the time that’s a different story, you’ll need to cut out those things baby, you’re taking it too far haha. 

If you do choose to go on a diet (which is totally fine) and you chose a diet that eliminates different food groups, you’ll need to have self- control when the diet is over. Self- control comes from having a healthy mindset, if you didn’t have self- control before without a strict diet nine times out of ten you won’t have it after but that can be changed. When you’re on a diet you have to ignore those crazy cravings, walk away from tables of food that does not suit you, all to get that weight down to get in that dress or suit. Keep that same energy, the goal isn’t a dress or suit or even losing the weight, the goal now is a healthy lifestyle. Just as someone who did not go on a diet, you’ll still have to watch your portions and make modifications but when it’s comes to having the carbs or sweets that the diet said to eliminate, you’ll now have to add them back slowly. This is where the self-control really has to come into play because the body will be hollering for more and you have to say no. I know that can be tough, there’re a lot of times I have something good and want more of it because it tastes so good, but I know I shouldn’t so I don’t because I have good self-control and mindset, which took sometime build. You’re going to have to learn how to savor the flavor haha. 

A healthy lifestyle is all about portions and making the right choices but it’s a taught process and a skill learned over time. There will be days where you may have ate too much or didn’t make the right choices and that’s ok. Last time I checked 1 donut didn’t make someone overweight and one salad didn’t make anyone skinny it’s about consistency. As long as you’re consistent and can forgive yourself for those bad days there’s no reason why you can’t keep the weight off. Will it be easy?  No but nothing in life worth having is and I believe a healthy lifestyle is worth having. So to keep the weight off build a lifestyle even while you’re on a diet and make changes and choices that you know you can stick to and build around that, it will require work, it will require self- control, healthy food can also cause weight gain so portion size will play a big part in this transition. Most importantly maintain the body you love seeing in the mirror, not society’s version of healthy or beautiful, not even your partner’s version of you, just the version you love to see because self- love is something that can never be taken away from you. 

Still can’t keep the weight off that’s ok you can hire me as your nutrition coach, and I will show you how to keep the weight off step by step! Click the nutrition tab in the menu and let’s get started on your healthy journey. 

Stay safe 

Stay healthy 


Malanna S. 

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