Set back for a come up: The Failures in weight loss

You know I always find it funny that in everything we do it’s the failures that make us who we are or help us succeed in a particular activity except for nutrition. We see nutrition and healthy living as the end all, we fail one day and now our diet/healthy lifestyle is pushed back to next month…why? Now if this was a sport say basketball and you lost a game, you wouldn’t quit basketball and pick it back up next month no; you would get out there, practice get better and the next game you come more prepared. So answer me this, why can’t we do the same thing with our healthy lifestyle?

Set back 

I always have a chuckle on the inside when I hear someone say “I messed up my diet last night so I’ll start again next week or next month”. Now you know and I know ain’t nobody starting over next month or next week, we just keep pushing it back because we made a mistake and we will keep making the same mistake because we’re human and have yet to learn from it (haha). We see our setbacks as failures but we don’t learn from them. 

Our setbacks usually include, going to dinner and not ordering healthier choices, failing to meal prep for the week,  skipping multiple workouts, indulging in fatty and  greasy foods I mean the list can go on and on. Anything to say “I messed up” 

None of these miss steps say start over, they all say I am a person and sometimes we don’t get it right but tomorrow I’ll try again. Think of nutrition as a sport you don’t throw your hands in the air and stop playing because you’re losing, no you keep going until the buzzer sounds. You didn’t play good the first half but you have a chance to play better the second half…. but never give up. 

The come up 

A healthy lifestyle can start any day of the week baby, stop using that Monday or beginning of the month to get started. Your “mistake” or choices you have made today can be changed tomorrow if you learn from it. Maybe today you didn’t have time to cook, or meal prep this Sunday because you became to busy which is fine but what about tomorrow. 

There is no come up without change. When coming back from a failed attempt at weight loss, we should know better and know how to move forward the second/ third time around right? We should know what days works for us to workout, what time saving meals to prep because time is limited, we should know what type of choices to make when grocery shopping because we’ve done this before we’ve been here. Now how do you make this work for you? We need setbacks to show us what changes need to be made, we just have to make the changes so when we do circle back around next week or start again tomorrow, we know what changes to make to help make this lifestyle stick and work for us. 

To make solid changes you must stay consistent. For a lot of people that means never getting off course but that’s not true, consistency is about getting back up and trying again while modifying to your needs to help achieve your goals. Nutrition is no different than the Cavs coming back from a 3-1 loss and winning the championship, Lebron made changes the team made modifications and it didn’t take a month to start because they knew they had tomorrow and tomorrow the warriors were coming so they must make them now. 

The Warriors may not be coming tomorrow but diabetes, heart disease, cancer could be right around the corner and only thing to stop it is change. You want a come up from your setbacks of weight loss, learn from your mistakes, make changes in places that just didn’t work for you, you don’t have to follow anyone’s rules but your own. This is your body; make the changes you want to see and always love the person staring back at you in the mirror.

More setback than come ups? Click the nutrition tab up top and I’ll help guide you to a healthier lifestyle that works for you 

Stay healthy 

Stay safe



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