To see a change in our bodies and get the maximum amount of benefits from this 30-day challenge we must turn on our PMM’s. What are PMM’s you ask, well that’s your Portion control, Modification and Moderation for food intake. PMM’s is not a diet it’s a lifestyle, using a well-balanced meal plan and adding your PMM’s will give you everything you need to achieve your goal for the next 30 days while also being allowed to get in some of those foods we crave so much.

Portion Control

First up Portion Control, I know I know every health guru, nutritionist and dietitian all say “it’s all about your portions” but I have to say this is true. No matter what type of food you’re eating healthy or fatty if you do not have control over your portions it’s a losing battle.

I try to make portion control as fun as possible when making food. I buy only what I need and because I am a single woman who refuses to cook every day, I also factor in leftovers when grocery shopping. This trick helps me stay within portion, I know if I take that extra piece of chicken tonight I will only be left with one for tomorrow and that means I have to cook, clean and grocery shop all over again which turns into me at Popeye’s drive thru.

Keep your portions colorful, a colorful plate is a healthy plate. When plating my food, I always start with the vegetables it’s the most colorful and most important for any proper lifestyle eating. Then I move over to my meat, I tried that whole thing about eating no more than the size of your fist for my meat portions but my hands are small so I can’t trust that(haha). Now I pretty much can eyeball what I need but in the beginning I used “My Plate”.

“My plate”

“My plate” showed me what my plate was supposed to look like which was a big help, I was able to see and understand how much I’m supposed to have while also noticing it wasn’t much room for those starchy potatoes I love ha-ha. Portion control is key to any healthy lifestyle but so are modifications.


Modifications are making changes to the way we prepare our food. This transition happens slowly and gets better over time. Instead of frying start baking, bake your French fries, chicken, fish etc. and if you do choose to fry use a low-fat high smoke oil like olive oil, avocado oil or sunflower seed oil. These smalls modifications will begin to change your taste buds and your love for healthier food will grow while the need for salt and sugar will lessen.

When making modifications to meals I am very crucial on keeping the flavor, food without flavor is like a stripper without a pole it just doesn’t work. The best thing to do is look up new recipes, with the health craze at an all-time high chefs and cooks are making changes to their meals and showing a healthier version that does not sacrifice flavor. This makes things a lot easier for you so you won’t have to experience the trial and error of making modifications, this is also a fun way to try new flavors with your family. Modifications can be big or small, and I know there will be times where you do wish to have that big Sunday meal with ribs, baked beans and coleslaw and I say have it.


If you grew up with southern cooking like me there will never be a time where you do not crave a good Sunday meal. A lot of times we restrict ourselves from these types of meals because they are full of fat(flavor), calories(love) and two seconds away from giving us high blood pressure(home). When we restrict ourselves from these type foods the moment we get a taste of BBQ on our lip we overindulge.

So how do we still eat the food we grew up on without overindulging? Simply by not forgetting the “PM”, portion control and modification while also having the food you love within Moderation. No matter what you’re eating always exercise portion control and keep your plate colorful, you have two ribs on your plate add a salad or fruit to modify while still having a small portion of beans or coleslaw (not both don’t push it ha).

Modify when you can but never forget your portions, having those big southern meals every so often will not affect or change the progress you have made. By not restricting yourself of these foods this will help with cravings and overindulging, the body is already use to having carbs and everything else because you have a well-balanced lifestyle so it’s less likely to react and crave for more.

Try adding your PMM’s to your healthy lifestyle and see how the changes affect your eating habits. Big or small every change in your lifestyle makes a big difference overall.



Stepping Into My New Life

It’s that time of the year again, it’s the “New Year New Me” saga and I absolutely hate it. Every year around this time everyone makes their New Year resolutions for the new year, me personally I hate making resolutions. I forget about them two months in and I’m back to the same bull I was pulling the year before by the end of February, ok let’s be honest by the end of January.

Instead of making a New Year resolution I started to go on journeys. This will be my second journey in my fourth year of journeying (yes I have to repeat them first time is a trial run haha). As you may know my first journey was a positive journey and baby let me tell you she wasn’t a pretty one. Now I am on my second journey “stepping into my new life” and is excited and ready for part two.


My “Stepping into my new life” journey this year was all about using the tools that I learned from my first journey and actually putting them into action. This for me was particularly hard, I’m a private person and having to actually express myself instead of going into a bubble was a very big challenge.

Me and fear do not get along in the slightest, if it looks scary I’m out. After going through my positive journey I learned that I’m not afraid of fear I’m fearful of rejection, I fear not getting the answer I want (which is always a yes) and the fear of someone telling me no. Having had rejection made me fear rejection but if I wanted to “Step into my new life” I had to meet fear and rejection at the door and trust me they said hello.

Stepping into my life also meant tackling my anxiety. I have always been open about my challenges with anxiety, my anxiety can go many different ways but mainly I become angry and frustrated and at times I become emotional and choose to walk away from everything. Now I was trying to balance fear and anxiety, I seriously had to ask myself are you sure this is what you want to do but I couldn’t address my fear without first addressing my anxiety.

What I learned

This year has not been the easiest, I have been tested in ways that I couldn’t imagine but because of my first journey I knew that if you meet anything with love something beautiful has to come from it and to always find the light even when it’s dark.

When it came to tackling my fear of rejection I have to get all the props to my mom and friends. Having a good support system is valid in any journey especially when society can make the most successful person feel small and lonely. They pushed me to try new things and take off the comfort blanket I have been sleeping under for the last 27years. They pushed me to show emotion, go places where I didn’t know anyone, they even pushed me to start dating (which was the absolute worst haha) they even pushed me to release my blog and YouTube channel that was not supposed to come out for another two years.

Having that support and knowing that no matter if I failed or succeed they were there, it didn’t matter that fear was standing at the door saying hello when I had comforting hands pulling me through. Now that anxiety whew child baby needed some work.

Anxiety is something no one but you can bring you through, yes your peers can say inspirational words and you can have a support system out of this world but what most people forget is anxiety is all in your head. You are fighting you, you are telling yourself you’re not good enough, you are saying you’re not worthy. This is where my positive journey had to really shine some light, everything my family and friends were pushing and encouraging me to do my mind was constantly saying you’re not ready for this yet. I had no idea what other tools I needed but my mind clearly had a list of things to do and stepping into a new life was not on the agenda.

I had to find something I could hold on to no matter where I was at to calm my mind so I turned to music (as 99.9% of us do), I made myself an anxiety playlist (list on YouTube channel journey 1807). I categorized my moods and feeling and played music to keep me calm from being aggravated or ready to kill one of my coworkers haha. Every song that made me feel strong when I need strength, a vision when I needed guidance I put into that anxiety playlist and who knew Cardi B could be such a great source for every emotion.


Today I am ready for part two I am excited to see where my 2020 journey takes me. 2019 was a big eye opener and I know that there will be new challenges in 2020 but each year I gain new tools and a new perspective on life. My name is Malanna and my 2020 journey is “Stepping Into My New Life” she ready!!


O.N.O It’s Organic

Are you eating organic and have no real clue on whether it’s organic or not or even what organic means? Well looks like its time for you to learn the O.N.O’s. If you are eating organic food to gain more nutrients or for weight loss, then organics is not for you. There are some instances when buying milk or honey that if you buy these items organically they do offer more nutrients then the conventional food, but that is not the case in most organic foods. Organic Food is broken down into three different varieties I like to call them the O.N.O.’s (get it “Oh no”, I know really corny haha). O.N.O stands for 100% organic, natural and organic. This is how consumers label organic food and we’re going to look into why.

Keeping it organic

Have you ever heard of the saying keeping it 100, well we are keeping it 100% organic. 100% organic means that there have been no chemicals or pesticides added to the food as well as no hormones or antibiotics just regular home grown food that has nothing but God’s work on it.

This type of organic is rarely sold in stores as it’s shelf life is almost nonexistent and most stores are not willing to take that big of a hit in food loss.

100% organic can be found at your local farmer’s market or at your local Farmer who grows organically, producing only a small amount of organically grown products. When buying from these markets or farms always be sure to ask how it is grown and the soil that is used, as this can alter the quality of the food and even the results of how organic it really is.

Now raise your hand if you ever went to the grocery store and saw a label that read 100% all natural chicken and thought you were buying organic? Raise them up high, I’ll even raise mine because I’ve done it to, but guess what it’s not (cue dramatic music)


Natural foods are quite different from organic foods that are sold for produce. Natural foods are not closely ran by the FDA despite the pressure from courts to define the term beyond meats and poultry it also does not have any real regulations. Which is why it is not associated in most organic categories.

Only 70% of natural meats and poultry are chemical and pesticide free. Natural foods are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors, but all of these things are not guaranteed. With the lack of regulations consumers do not have to tell us how the animal was raised or fed and if any antibiotics or hormones was used elsewhere.

Natural foods were created to sooth the supply and demand of customers wanting to eat healthier and organic. Consumers make and sell these products fast and easy while cheating the organic system, buying natural foods is risky but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. I know there are no guarantees but if I can possibly only have 30% or 50% chemicals in my food opposed to the 100% chemicals I’ve been eating I’ll take 30% for 200 Alex.


Who wants organic? We want organic and when we want it NOW!!!!! As the demands for healthier food and better treatment for animals grow we assume the FDA has finally listened and given us what we’ve been asking for. Organic products that only say organic with no percentage guarantee is only 95% organic as the other 5% can contain chemicals and pesticides but is usually used to sustain the product for market purchase.

I know what you’re thinking and yes this still does have chemicals and to be honest there is no real way around that. Consumers need shelf life and we need easier access to organic items, as I said before I’ll take the 5% Alex.

Organic food is not about how much it will contribute to your weight loss or even looking cool because you buy organic (ok your kind of cool). Organic food is about the cleanliness, to rid your body of the toxins and waste we have been eating on for centuries, so when shopping choose wisely and don’t forget to ask yourself O.N.O is this organic?


The Keto diet

The Keto diet is one of the hottest diets out right now and there is no one who can say they haven’t heard of the Keto diet or at least tried it.

From celebrities to your own grandmother the Keto diet is like the new Kim K in the nutrition world and I’m going to break it all down for you, from the benefits to the infamous Keto Flu also how much of this diet is really a lifestyle.

The Keto diet is broken down into numerous variations and today we will be looking into the standard Keto Diet(SKD). The SKD diet is the most popular variation of the Keto diet, even my own brother was on the Keto diet, well a bacon added Keto diet (he’s not giving up that bacon) but when asked about the diet he gave me the same answer every Keto dieter has “it’s so great for your health, you’re going to feel so much better on this diet.” This is a standard Keto dieter answer and which I knew was a crock, so I wanted to find out more but first what are the benefits?


The SKD is a 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carb diet, and with the extreme drop of carbohydrates entering the body it puts your body into a ketosis state. Ketosis is a normal process that happens when the body does not have enough glucose for energy and begins to burn stored fat instead, which is how you burn more fat on a Keto diet rather than a low fat or low carb diet.

Putting your body in a ketosis state does have very high benefits. The Ketosis state will help with losing weight a lot faster, a reduced appetite and the biggest plus of them all you don’t have to count calories. This diet has also been used to help with many health issues as in heart health and diabetes but one of the most astonishing facts was how it reduced the risk of cancer.

Studies have found that being in a ketosis state can shrink a tumor and lower the chances of cancer spreading. The reason why the Keto diet is so popular is because of its quick and highly effective way in being great for overall health. The real question most dieters forget to ask is how long? All diets come with a risk and you can never forget about the Keto Flu. This may be the first diet I know of that comes with its own warning label.

Keto Flu

If you haven’t been hit by the Keto flu then clearly you aren’t Ketoing right ( new word alert ha). A Keto diet is hard work to begin with like any other diet but the Keto diet takes it a step further, there are no carbs, no sugar you’re not even allowed a piece of fruit and after all of that don’t forget the flu.

The Keto flu is usually within the first couple of weeks after entering ketosis (so if you’re throwing up you made it sis congratulations), signs of the flu are vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, stomach pain and brain fog.

The severity of these symptoms range from person to person some are mild and some cases are very extreme, but you won’t know until you get there. The Flu is the most common and only symptom being advertised when talking about this wparticular diet but when asked about longevity, studies come up short.

There are actually no studies of long term effects from the Keto diet, most doctors only recommend that you stay on this type of diet no longer than three months. Dietitians have even come out to say that staying on a Keto diet can cause diabetic Ketoacidosis(DKA) which is a buildup of acid ketones that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, feeling faint and excessive thirst. The likelihood of this diet ever becoming more then a trend is very slim and the likelihood of anyone actually living a normal life while being on the Keto diet from my guess is zero.

The Keto diet is not all bad but it is risky as any diet is. I personally do not like diets nor do I believe that any of them are effective for long term weight lost. Use all diets as a learning tool, the Keto diet may cut away your carbs and sugars but they show you a beautiful variety of healthy fatty foods and proteins. From oils to meat the Keto diet will show you how to utilize those foods and use them in the healthiest way possible. Implementing the Keto Tools into your balanced diet will only make things


Set back for a come up: The Failures in weight loss

You know I always find it funny that in everything we do it’s the failures that make us who we are or help us succeed in a particular activity except for nutrition. We see nutrition and healthy living as the end all, we fail one day and now our diet/healthy lifestyle is pushed back to next month…why? Now if this was a sport say basketball and you lost a game, you wouldn’t quit basketball and pick it back up next month no; you would get out there, practice get better and the next game you come more prepared. So answer me this, why can’t we do the same thing with our healthy lifestyle?

Set back 

I always have a chuckle on the inside when I hear someone say “I messed up my diet last night so I’ll start again next week or next month”. Now you know and I know ain’t nobody starting over next month or next week, we just keep pushing it back because we made a mistake and we will keep making the same mistake because we’re human and have yet to learn from it (haha). We see our setbacks as failures but we don’t learn from them. 

Our setbacks usually include, going to dinner and not ordering healthier choices, failing to meal prep for the week,  skipping multiple workouts, indulging in fatty and  greasy foods I mean the list can go on and on. Anything to say “I messed up” 

None of these miss steps say start over, they all say I am a person and sometimes we don’t get it right but tomorrow I’ll try again. Think of nutrition as a sport you don’t throw your hands in the air and stop playing because you’re losing, no you keep going until the buzzer sounds. You didn’t play good the first half but you have a chance to play better the second half…. but never give up. 

The come up 

A healthy lifestyle can start any day of the week baby, stop using that Monday or beginning of the month to get started. Your “mistake” or choices you have made today can be changed tomorrow if you learn from it. Maybe today you didn’t have time to cook, or meal prep this Sunday because you became to busy which is fine but what about tomorrow. 

There is no come up without change. When coming back from a failed attempt at weight loss, we should know better and know how to move forward the second/ third time around right? We should know what days works for us to workout, what time saving meals to prep because time is limited, we should know what type of choices to make when grocery shopping because we’ve done this before we’ve been here. Now how do you make this work for you? We need setbacks to show us what changes need to be made, we just have to make the changes so when we do circle back around next week or start again tomorrow, we know what changes to make to help make this lifestyle stick and work for us. 

To make solid changes you must stay consistent. For a lot of people that means never getting off course but that’s not true, consistency is about getting back up and trying again while modifying to your needs to help achieve your goals. Nutrition is no different than the Cavs coming back from a 3-1 loss and winning the championship, Lebron made changes the team made modifications and it didn’t take a month to start because they knew they had tomorrow and tomorrow the warriors were coming so they must make them now. 

The Warriors may not be coming tomorrow but diabetes, heart disease, cancer could be right around the corner and only thing to stop it is change. You want a come up from your setbacks of weight loss, learn from your mistakes, make changes in places that just didn’t work for you, you don’t have to follow anyone’s rules but your own. This is your body; make the changes you want to see and always love the person staring back at you in the mirror.

More setback than come ups? Click the nutrition tab up top and I’ll help guide you to a healthier lifestyle that works for you 

Stay healthy 

Stay safe



Oh the 80/20 rule, I first heard of this rule on Tyler Perry’s movie “Why Did I Get Married” and they said you only get 80%of what you need out of a person in a relationship. The missing 20% is what most people seek in outside entanglements, until they’re left with only 20% and realizeContinue reading “80/20”

We outside!!!

Summertime is coming and springtime is here so that means BBQ’s, amusement parks, family vacations and with Covid restrictions lifting a Hot Girl/Boy season is upon us.  While every diet restriction, healthy choices and gym time is gone out the window.  See here’s the thing about spring and summer it last so long! See InContinue reading “We outside!!!”


Oh the 80/20 rule, I first heard of this rule on Tyler Perry’s movie “Why Did I Get Married” and they said you only get 80%of what you need out of a person in a relationship. The missing 20% is what most people seek in outside entanglements, until they’re left with only 20% and realize 80% gave them everything they needed.

In nutrition the rule is quite similar 80% healthy 20% saucy, some Coaches and dietitians like to take it even further with a 90/10 ratio (taking it a little too far for me).

The 80/20 rule is a healthy less restrictive eating option opposed to typical diets, it is more of a lifestyle. 


There’s a lot of great benefits to adapting to an 80/20 lifestyle, the biggest one is being able to have those treats and saucy meals everyone loves. 

With the 80% part of the plan, you want to focus on drinking lots of water and eating nutritious foods like: 

  • whole grains
  • fruits and vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Healthy fats (olive oil, avocado etc.)

For your 20% saucy you can eat the things you like in moderation, of course always mind your portions and remember a calorie is a calorie, good or bad you can always overindulge. The 20% allows you to say, “I can eat this today and have that tomorrow”. This style of eating limits your cravings and allows you not to give up the foods you still enjoy.

This way of eating is easier to maintain than most stricter diets like keto or paleo diets, which limit carbs and processed foods, the 80/20 rule  is something you can live on. For example, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week equals 21 meals, so 80 percent would be 17 healthy meals. 17 full complete healthy meals (protein, vegetable, carb) or you can break it down to a more everyday basis (the best way in my opinion) in which you’ll pair your 20% with an 80% plate. Meaning if I know I want a piece of cake tonight I’ll lower my portions on the plate to save room for my 20% cake. You can also substitute the dish; you want fried chicken tonight well pair it with a baked sweet potato and greens beans to accommodate the extra calories from the chicken being fried. This is just basic lifestyle eating broken down into numbers to make you more aware with self-control. 


Like any lifestyle or diet, you want to see results, you want to know that this will help you lose weight! The answer is yes it will, but like I said before with portion control. The 80/20 rule only works if you know what 20% looks like and I can guarantee you it’s not two slices of cake. When people are given an inch, some people take a mile. Let’s say a person consumes two scrambled eggs, a yogurt and muffin for breakfast, nice chicken cobb salad for lunch, and for that 20% they’ll have a double cheeseburger, medium fry and a medium sprite from Wendy’s and let me swing by McDonalds for an apple pie. That’s not 20% you basically just cancelled everything good you did today and you’re not even going to work out. If 20% leads to 40% or 50 you don’t have enough calorie deficit to lose weight and that’s the key to losing weight.

If you have already been eating in an 80/20 diet you may not see much of a difference, but even so you can still use this tool as a helpful guide to maintain your health and lower the risk for conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

Use the “My Plate” table below as a guide to a healthier looking plate. The 80/20 rule is something you can use to maintain, stay healthy or lose weight it can fit into any lifestyle, it suits anyone’s needs and is a great way to start people off on their healthy journey without having to starve and miss out on the food you love.  

Still eating in the 60-40 ,50-50 range? That’s ok I can help, click the menu tab above and click nutrition coach. There I can help you get started on your health journey

Peace & Blessings

Malanna S.

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Eat Good Feel Good

Baby we made it!!! 2020 is over and we are ready to move on. 2020 was the year of vision and we saw a lot, a lot of heartbreak, truth and anger, but with all the bad juju that has come our way we’re moving forward and towards the light to our new vision andContinue reading “Eat Good Feel Good”

We outside!!!

Summertime is coming and springtime is here so that means BBQ’s, amusement parks, family vacations and with Covid restrictions lifting a Hot Girl/Boy season is upon us. 

While every diet restriction, healthy choices and gym time is gone out the window. 

See here’s the thing about spring and summer it last so long! See In the fall and winter you have holiday’s right, they last a day and in black households with leftover food a week, and that puts a strain on your healthy lifestyle because of all the unhealthy food. But Spring and Summer time last 6 months, 6 months of every time it gets hot, somebody taking out their grill and throwing a couple of dogs on it, fairs with funnel cakes and caramel apples, while traveling states trying new food (if you get the same food you have at home when you travel why travel? I am judging you haha).

 Oh, and for the moms, the kids are home in the summer, and you don’t want to deprive them of their snacks so now all these delicious snacks are in the house and you find yourself sneaking one of the kids honeybun at 9pm. So coming off a diet around this time would be tough right? 

Then why the hell do everybody call it quits around this time of the year when we need the most restrictions. Well because it’s the spring/summer and you’re going into this season loving the body you have today and not giving two damn’s about what other people think, hell we lose weight for the summer anyways(haha). But who wants to have done all that work, all that adjusting, just to throw it out the window to pick it back up 6 months from now 10lbs heavier than when you started a year ago. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!


I am no different from you guys in the spring/summertime I also begin to let up on my healthy lifestyle. Who can resist all the delicious summer food you get and here in Cleveland BBQ in the summer just hit different than any other time, I don’t know why haha. So yes I am with you but I’m also not coming off a diet and I also keep the same energy I had when I am following my healthy lifestyle(you never leave a healthy lifestyle it will become apart of you).

 Diets are something you get on then get off of when you meet your goal or you’re just over it.

The reason most people fail is because the moment you have nothing holding you back you let it all go. Take what you learned from the diet you were on, are there meals that you liked that can become a lifestyle for you? Remember how you had smaller portions and made better decisions.

 These are the tools you need for dieting and a healthy lifestyle during the summer. You want to enjoy the warm weather and the good food that are now in season while still watching what you eat. Remember in the wintertime you wanted two good pieces of roast with potatoes and green beans, but you opted for one slice of roast, a nice full portion of veggies and a small portion of potatoes so you can stay on your healthy track. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!!! 

Instead of 4 ribs get two, instead of a big heaping of potato salad go for one serving, (even less if you really want to stay on track) instead of a funnel cake and Carmel apple all to yourself split it with someone so you won’t be undertaking so many calories. 

The spring and summer time can be a fun and joyous time if you keep the same energy you had while on the fall and winter diets and lifestyle changes, keep the same habits and the same mindset you had with restrictions without restrictions. 

Let’s get physical

Keeping the same energy will help with your eating habits but what about your physical activity. I know my yoga time is cut down in the summer because I’m doing so many things. Between outdoor activities with my family and a lot more dinner dates with friends, baby I be booked, and busy and physical activity is the last thing on my mind. So how do we fix that, how do we still get in gym time, yoga time, family and friends time and you can’t forget about some you time (self-love is the best love anyone can find) all while still enjoying the nice weather that we all long for throughout the cold months. 

Well, we use what we got to get what we want!!! (Ronnie voice Players Club). 

The best thing about the spring and summer is the weather is getting better and you don’t have to stay confined in the house. Physical activity does not have to be a gym or studio anymore, we have so many other places to go to now. 

I know one thing I’m super excited to try is yoga on the beach, I love going to the beach and enjoying the sun, but I usually just sit there and look cute ha, so this year in my efforts to remain active I’m going to bring my mat and see how I like that. 

In the summer there’re a lot of activities that involve walking, like the zoo, amusement parks, museums and aquariums use that, just put a lil pep in your step and some soul in your stroll and you’ll be on your way. Is it the same as running on the treadmill or lifting weights in a gym no, but you don’t run the treadmill for hours do you, you don’t lift weights while enjoying the scenery (okay you may do that), the point I’m making is use your personal activities as a your physical activity as well. 

The spring/summer time is a time to break out of the house and enjoy the weather, food, family and friends and though you maybe ending a diet or continuing your healthy lifestyle it’s doesn’t mean you have to lose everything you’ve learned and gain everything you’ve lost back.

 It means enjoy it but be mindful, keep the same energy you’ve been having and don’t forget all activity is physical activity as long as you’re moving your body!! 

Spring/ summer time is kicking your ass? Don’t worry I got you Queen and King. Click the menu button and go to nutrition coach, there I can help you find your healthy journey and show you how to live in it realistically. 

Stay safe

Stay healthy 

Peace & blessings 

Malanna S.  

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It’s October so that mean it’s time to get them boobies checked, whip them up whip them out, it’s time to get them things checked out. This month is Breast Cancer awareness month and in my family we celebrate, we wear our pink and remember the loved ones we lost. Breast Cancer is the mostContinue reading “Fighting Cancer With Food”

Why Isn’t This Working?

Have you ever started a diet and it worked, but three months later you’re gaining all of your weight back? I think this is a common cycle for most people right. Most of the time we’re losing weight because we have an event coming up and you want to look good, or you feel you’re getting too big, so you decide to lose weight. Whatever the reason maybe you go on these diets, get results, go to the party or meet your goal weight and then lose all drive to keep it going. Next thing you know you’re 10lbs heavier than when you started and you’re asking yourself why isn’t this working!! You lost the weight why can’t you keep it off, why can’t you maintain your weight and still enjoy good food. I have the answer to that, diets don’t teach you how to maintain they teach you how to eliminate and cut down to reach your goal in the fastest way possible.


Why isn’t this working you ask? That’s because most diets aren’t meant for long term. Diets are a short-term thing. You get on a plan, exercise, lose weight, but when it’s time to go back to normal and you’re lost “af”. Going back into the real world after a diet is hard, hell being in the real world on a diet is hard, and now you have nothing holding you back. You’ve already went to the party; the weight is off so why not have a little fun and indulge in things you couldn’t have. AND THAT’S WHY IT’S NOT WORKING!!!! 

I am all for having those treats and good southern meals periodically but if you’re coming off a diet that restricted those things, the moment you get a small taste your body is going to crave more. Food is a drug you crave it; your body tells you when you need it; but the difference between drugs and food is one’s essential to life and the other is not. When writing this I was going to say drugs are a choice but, in all honesty, so is food we pick and choose what we want to eat and how much. Diets are a tool they will get you there, but they won’t keep you there unless you want to dedicate your life to eating boring ass meals for the rest of your life and never experiencing the joy food has to offer. You can’t maintain because you don’t know how.


So how do you maintain the weight after losing it? Well, my first suggestion is to not go on a diet, cutting back and cutting out are two different things. When you slowly adjust your eating habits and cut back on things, you give the body time to adjust and because you’re not eliminating anything the body won’t crave what it’s missing. This process is slower and it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle that will last forever. Now if you’re eating junk food and ordering out all the time that’s a different story, you’ll need to cut out those things baby, you’re taking it too far haha. 

If you do choose to go on a diet (which is totally fine) and you chose a diet that eliminates different food groups, you’ll need to have self- control when the diet is over. Self- control comes from having a healthy mindset, if you didn’t have self- control before without a strict diet nine times out of ten you won’t have it after but that can be changed. When you’re on a diet you have to ignore those crazy cravings, walk away from tables of food that does not suit you, all to get that weight down to get in that dress or suit. Keep that same energy, the goal isn’t a dress or suit or even losing the weight, the goal now is a healthy lifestyle. Just as someone who did not go on a diet, you’ll still have to watch your portions and make modifications but when it’s comes to having the carbs or sweets that the diet said to eliminate, you’ll now have to add them back slowly. This is where the self-control really has to come into play because the body will be hollering for more and you have to say no. I know that can be tough, there’re a lot of times I have something good and want more of it because it tastes so good, but I know I shouldn’t so I don’t because I have good self-control and mindset, which took sometime build. You’re going to have to learn how to savor the flavor haha. 

A healthy lifestyle is all about portions and making the right choices but it’s a taught process and a skill learned over time. There will be days where you may have ate too much or didn’t make the right choices and that’s ok. Last time I checked 1 donut didn’t make someone overweight and one salad didn’t make anyone skinny it’s about consistency. As long as you’re consistent and can forgive yourself for those bad days there’s no reason why you can’t keep the weight off. Will it be easy?  No but nothing in life worth having is and I believe a healthy lifestyle is worth having. So to keep the weight off build a lifestyle even while you’re on a diet and make changes and choices that you know you can stick to and build around that, it will require work, it will require self- control, healthy food can also cause weight gain so portion size will play a big part in this transition. Most importantly maintain the body you love seeing in the mirror, not society’s version of healthy or beautiful, not even your partner’s version of you, just the version you love to see because self- love is something that can never be taken away from you. 

Still can’t keep the weight off that’s ok you can hire me as your nutrition coach, and I will show you how to keep the weight off step by step! Click the nutrition tab in the menu and let’s get started on your healthy journey. 

Stay safe 

Stay healthy 


Malanna S. 

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